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Harnessing the Power of Traditional and Digital Marketing: A Hybrid Approach

Harnessing the Power of Traditional and Digital Marketing: A Hybrid Approach The era of digital marketing has undoubtedly transformed the advertising landscape. The exponential growth of technology, particularly the internet and its associated devices, has shifted the attention of marketers from traditional methods to digital platforms. However, the impact of conventional advertising methods such as

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Small Business Marketing Consultants

Small businesses often need help marketing their products and services effectively. However, creating a marketing strategy that reaches the right target audience and generates results can be challenging with limited budgets and resources. This is where a small business marketing consultant can add significant value. A small business marketing consultant is a professional who specializes

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Importance of Organic Social Traffic & How to Get More

The percentage of web traffic businesses receive from organic social traffic can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the industry, target audience, and social media strategy. Organic social traffic is not typically the primary source of web traffic for businesses. According to a report by Merkle, organic social media accounted for only 5%

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About SumTotal Marketing

What is our experience in the marketing industry, particularly in Southern California? We are a full-service marketing agency based in Southern California. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and have worked with businesses of all sizes and industries.   2. What services do we offer, and how do they align with

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Most Effective Way To Market Womens Skincare Products

Most Effective Way To Market Womens Skincare Products The most effective way to market women’s skincare products involves a combination of strategies that focus on understanding your target audience, delivering relevant content, creating strong branding, and leveraging multiple channels. Here are some critical steps to consider: Identify your target audience: Understand the demographics, preferences, and

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Essentials of A Successful Marketing Strategy

A successful marketing strategy is essential for businesses to connect with their target audience, promote their products or services, and ultimately drive sales. The crucial elements of a marketing strategy should include the following: Clear objectives: Start by setting clear, specific, and measurable marketing goals aligned with your overall business objectives. These goals will help

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The State of B2B Marketing in 2021

Few could have foreseen the state of marketing during the year of COVID-19. But having endured mass pandemic and a record number of natural disasters, consumers have made notable lifestyle adjustments to which marketers are better equipped to track than at any other time in the history of economics. As such, the state of business-to-business

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What is the Difference Between a Marketing Agency and a Marketing Consultant?

If you’re looking for assistance with your business’s marketing goals, it may not be obvious whether you need a consultant or an agency. In this quick guide, we’ll discuss how marketing consultants differ from marketing agencies (and vice versa). Marketing Consultants and Agencies – What’s the Difference? There are a few key differences between marketing

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What to Look For in a Digital Marketing Agency

It is commonplace for businesses to outsource their branding and advertising to a digital marketing agency. With an influx in digital marketing platforms, agencies seem to be a “dime a dozen.”  The reality is that not all digital marketing agencies do an equally effective job. And of those agencies that do excellent work, not every

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