Visiting SumTotal Marketing from Santa Ana

Clients driving to our offices from Santa Ana will usually find the fastest route on the 91 freeway.  Depending on traffic it will take between 15 and 25 minutes.  Take the Norwalk Blvd. exit off the 91 freeway and turn left.  Continue on Norwalk Blvd. and turn right at Artesia Blvd.  Follow Artesia Blvd. a short distance to make a safe and legal u-turn, then turn right into the entrance to the office building on the right-hand side before the entrance to the 7 Leaves Cafe building.  If you need additional directions or guidance, please call our office.

We have worked with several businesses based in the City of Santa Ana.  It’s a short drive to our headquarters location in Artesia.  Many of our clients from Santa Ana are in business to business products and services categories.

Santa Ana, CA is the county seat of Orange County, CA and the 11th largest city in California by population.  There are more than 13,000 businesses in Santa Ana with a mix of retail, service, & manufacturing firms.  Tourism is a big part of the economy of Santa Ana.  The city is also home to a John Wayne Airport.  More than 100 motor freight carriers link Santa Ana with markets throughout the USA.

A great resource for businesses located, or planning to locate in Santa Ana is the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce.  Here you find a list of city business services, recent business events in the city, and more.

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